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Nursery List 2019

We carry the hardiest selection of Ornamental Trees and Srubs, from dependable growers. Please check with us as all items may not be in stock. Download the Nursery List (pdf)

Rose List 2019

Featuring over 100 Varieties of Roses chosen for their hardiness and disease resistance, with new and exciting varieties added each year. Roses listed may not always be available, please check with us. Download the Rose List (pdf)

Perennial List 2018

We have Perennials in every color and texture for sun or shade or mixed conditions. We have Zone 5 plants and flowers to suit every style of garden. Please check with us as all items may not be in stock. Download the Perennial List (pdf)

Fruit List 2019

We have Zone 5 fruit trees, and shrubs in every shape and size, Check out this year's list easily by downloading our PDF below. Please check with us as all items may not be in stock. Download the Fruit List (pdf)

Seed Starting Guide

Start your seeds! We feature organic seeds and plants, and also carry many unusual varieties. Download the Seed Starting Guide (pdf)

Landscape Planning Guide

We hope you'll use this handy checklist to get all your measurements in place so we can help you! Landscape Planning Guide (pdf).

December 2019 Tips - Protect your Roses when winter winds blow:

  • After the ground has frozen in the fall:
  • For each rose plant form a 6 to 8 inch mound of fresh, loose soil or compost around the base.
  • In the spring when you observe the beginnings of new growth, carefully remove the soil mounds.
  • At this time you should also cut back your rose plants.
  •  Remove all but the 3 strongest canes and then cut those back to 18 inches.

November 2019 Tips

  • Finish all fall clean-up chores and especially leaf raking, as it helps against bugs and diseases. 
  • Cut Asparagus fronds after the frost, as they may harbor pests and add lime to the bed. 
  • Put several inches of mulch over Parsnips, Garlic, Shallots and Strawberries 
  • Sharpen and oil those tools for spring 
  • Christmas Cactus need even amounts of darkness and light until their buds form. They also love consistently cool temperatures. 
  • Lime your lime to winterize it.